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Thank you for your interest in joining the Sheridan community. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have transitioned to a virtual recruitment environment. To stay informed about any changes, we encourage you to continue to visit our Career Site as well as sign-up for our Career Alerts. We thank you for your understanding during these uncertain times.

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Sheridan is deeply committed to promoting diversity, advancing equity and fostering a culture of inclusion. Therefore we invite applications from marginalized and equity seeking groups. Persons with a disability may contact the Human Resources department to request accommodation at any stage of the recruitment process. 

If you experience technical difficulties while applying, please: refer to the information in the FAQ section, email technical support at, or call 1-877-427-7717.

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Job Number Job Title Job Type Department Posting Date Closing Date
J0920-0964Educational Development Consultant (Full-time Faculty Secondment)Full time - TemporaryCentre for Teaching & LearningSeptember 18, 2020October 12, 2020
J0920-0946Field Practicum CoordinatorFull time - PermanentFaculty of Applied Health & Community StudiesSeptember 18, 2020September 24, 2020
J0820-1177Director of CommunicationsFull time - PermanentCommunicationsAugust 26, 2020September 30, 2020
J0920-0882Field Practicum Coordinator (Part-time)Part time - RegularFaculty of Applied Health & Community StudiesSeptember 17, 2020September 24, 2020
J0920-0806Alumni Coordinator, EngagementFull time - PermanentAlumniSeptember 16, 2020September 22, 2020
J0920-0795Accessible Learning Advisor (Part-time)Part time - RegularStudent Affairs
J0920-0732Manager, Equity and InclusionFull time - PermanentCentre for Equity and InclusionSeptember 15, 2020October 6, 2020
J0820-0782Skilled Trades Technologist (Temporary)Full time - TemporaryFaculty of Applied Science & TechnologySeptember 14, 2020October 2, 2020
J0920-0520Digital Content Strategist (Temporary)Full time - TemporaryMarketingSeptember 14, 2020October 9, 2020
J0920-0420Academic Skills LibrarianFull time - PermanentIntegrated Learning ServicesSeptember 9, 2020October 4, 2020
J0820-0345Interim Associate Dean, Animation and Game DesignFull time - TemporaryFaculty of Animation, Art and Design

J0920-0964 - Educational Development Consultant (Full-time Faculty Secondment)

Job TypeFull time - Temporary
DepartmentCentre for Teaching & Learning
Posting DateSeptember 18, 2020
Closing DateOctober 12, 2020

J0920-0946 - Field Practicum Coordinator

Job TypeFull time - Permanent
DepartmentFaculty of Applied Health & Community Studies
Posting DateSeptember 18, 2020
Closing DateSeptember 24, 2020

J0820-1177 - Director of Communications

Job TypeFull time - Permanent
Posting DateAugust 26, 2020
Closing DateSeptember 30, 2020

J0920-0882 - Field Practicum Coordinator (Part-time)

Job TypePart time - Regular
DepartmentFaculty of Applied Health & Community Studies
Posting DateSeptember 17, 2020
Closing DateSeptember 24, 2020

J0920-0806 - Alumni Coordinator, Engagement

Job TypeFull time - Permanent
Posting DateSeptember 16, 2020
Closing DateSeptember 22, 2020

J0920-0795 - Accessible Learning Advisor (Part-time)

Job TypePart time - Regular
DepartmentStudent Affairs
Posting Date
Closing Date

J0920-0732 - Manager, Equity and Inclusion

Job TypeFull time - Permanent
DepartmentCentre for Equity and Inclusion
Posting DateSeptember 15, 2020
Closing DateOctober 6, 2020

J0820-0782 - Skilled Trades Technologist (Temporary)

Job TypeFull time - Temporary
DepartmentFaculty of Applied Science & Technology
Posting DateSeptember 14, 2020
Closing DateOctober 2, 2020

J0920-0520 - Digital Content Strategist (Temporary)

Job TypeFull time - Temporary
Posting DateSeptember 14, 2020
Closing DateOctober 9, 2020

J0920-0420 - Academic Skills Librarian

Job TypeFull time - Permanent
DepartmentIntegrated Learning Services
Posting DateSeptember 9, 2020
Closing DateOctober 4, 2020

J0820-0345 - Interim Associate Dean, Animation and Game Design

Job TypeFull time - Temporary
DepartmentFaculty of Animation, Art and Design
Posting Date
Closing Date
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